About Me


My name is Shanti. My husband, Niall, and we just got married. He is Scottish and I am Canadian. We met in Shanghai, China and we live in Budapest, Hungary. We have a French bulldog, named Hamish. We are truly an international family.


Here is a little about the adventures we are having in life:

We are both international educators. No, we do not teach English. We teach at an American/International school where the students learn in English. Niall is currently teaching Physical Education in Middle School. For the past 10 years, I have taught Physical and Health Education in High School. I love to play sports and be active and I am a passionate supporter of fitness and health.

As I write this, I am taking a deep breath and enjoying the quiet and the peace of taking some much needed time off from teaching. I have the incredible opportunity to explore other things, such as writing this blog. I also love taking Hamish for a long walk every day.

Niall and I are preparing for our first child. He is a boy and is due in December 2015. Technically he will be our first human child since Hamish certainly acts (and is treated) like a child!

I enjoy reading and learning new things. One of the things that I love about being pregnant is the opportunity to learn about something new that is directly relevant to me. I am a fairly domesticated person and enjoy cooking, knitting, and I am attempting to learn how to expand my sewing ability from beginner to intermediate.

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