Five Things About Being Preganant

Being pregnant for the first time, there are a few things that I have noticed. Here are some of my thoughts on these things:

  1. Clothes don’t fit anymore. I have heard from others that I can just do various tricks with hair ties around buttons of pants or wear leggings but I am just not finding that is working. It is uncomfortable. It doesn’t help that the weather here has been insanely hot. I finally went shopping last week and bought several maternity clothes items and I have not been so comfortable in a long time! It was such a simple thing that made me so happy.

2.  I got a pregnancy pillow. It may seem like the most ridiculous thing for some of you reading this but I love it. It is so comfortable. It has changed my pregnant life.This is what it looks like:


3. Pregnancy brain or baby brain is a real thing in my life. I have it. I did not know it was actually a thing but now I know. I went to the grocery store the other day and filled up my cart. I finished shopping and went to the checkout. I took all the items out of the cart to check out and realized I had no money and no cards to pay. I had to communicate this to the lady at the checkout who thankfully spoke enough English to understand me. I then waited in the freezer section of the store until my wonderful husband came to pay.

4. Babies kick a lot. And it is really cool to feel. I have had mixed feelings about it sometimes, thinking that maybe the baby really wants to get out. I think the kicking baby has been such a neat part of feeling like there is a real live baby growing inside of me. Sometimes that miracle is still a bit hard to comprehend.

5. Preparing for life after preganancy is important. When the baby comes, initially my life is going to need to be about taking care of this little tiny human being who cannot do anything on his own. I’m a bit nervous and a bit scared but mostly excited.

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