A Message to You: Thank You Again

I just read this article, Technology and Grief, and I can relate to the author and her connection to Facebook in her time of grief. The messages and love that my family and I received through social media in our initial time of grief (and shock and disbelief) was amazing. I still feel overwhelmed from the support. Every time I read another message, I cried and felt comfort.

To our friends and family from around the world who wrote messages, who sent flowers, who sent a care package full of our favourite treats, who drove long distances to see us, who gave gifts for comfort, who gave donations that honoured my Mom because she would have loved to know that others are being helped…thank you. You have given us so much comfort and love and support.

To our church community who cooked meals, who shovelled the snow off the driveway, who cleaned the house, who visited and continue to visit Dad, who supported us financially, who prayed and prayed and still pray for us, who did more than we can know because we were in such a fog of disbelief…thank you. We would not have made it through that time or continue to make it through as ‘well’ as we are without you.

To our friends in Budapest who offered to take care of our puppy and take us to the airport and help us as we rushed to the airport, who made meals, and who sent flowers and cards, and who are sharing our lives and grief with us now…thank you.

Thank you.

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