My Sabbatical: Week 3

Today I did a google search “taking a sabbatical”. My first week sabbatical post was one of the top 10 results!!! I thought that was important enough to mention in a post. Other results that I found included various articles and information on taking sabbaticals. Taking a sabbatical will help cure burnout and increase weight loss but will not solve all your problems, according to a CNN article. A Forbes article on How to Take a Sabbatical From Work provides a step by step approach to take to ensure that a sabbatical will produce the results one would like it to produce.

Although I do agree that planning and preparing for a sabbatical is important, I also wonder if it takes a bit of the “break” out of the sabbatical. For me, I have to take a bit of break from planning and preparing, as I have mentioned! I guess it is about finding the right balance of planning and not planning and the right thing to take a “break” from?

Yesterday, I was speaking to my friend and she asked how I was doing, particularly with being on sabbatical. I have had others ask this same kind of question recently as well so I have had an opportunity to reflect on it. I told my friend that it keeps getting better and better with each week that passes (well, only 2.5 weeks so far). Each week, I feel more comfortable and less “guilty” about “not working”. Actually, I have found that whatever I am doing, whether it is walking the dog or doing the laundry or working on a blog or doing masters coursework, that is my job right now. I am working. Doing those things is my purpose right now and it is important. This has been and will continue to be a fairly big change in mindset for me. I look forward to changing my perspective to being more open-minded and “outside of the box” in this way, about work and jobs and purpose in life.

Last week I set a few goals and I felt that I did fairly well on accomplishing the goals. I found that it felt good to have achievable tasks on which to focus. It made my week manageable. Part of what I need to be doing now is slowing down and that is also difficult to do when I have been going at such a high pace for so long. By having small, achievable tasks to do I can slow myself down and only do some things, and not try to do everything!

In the yoga class I did on Monday night, I found even more distinctly than I had previously how tight my muscles and my body have been. I think over the past few years and especially the last year, I have been getting tighter and tighter and so now I need to work on undoing that! This brought me to the realization that I have a long way to go. Although that is a bit discouraging, I am thankful again for the opportunity that I have to take the time to loosen!

Updated goals:


One of the delicious meals I have eaten recently!

1. Eating: Continue with my healthier eating plan. There will be a slight hiccup as I am going to Barcelona this weekend with 3 girl friends and it will be difficult to maintain. I will work hard to be disciplined and enjoy my time there while staying healthy

2. Puppy: Continue training. We also began working on staying and waiting last week. Staying is still a work in progress. Hamish is doing well with the waiting command, which is a command for him to wait for me if he gets too far ahead when we are walking in the park. It is also used for times when there are other dogs around and Hamish wants to sprint towards them to play. We will continue working on those commands.


Hamish playing with some friends at the park. He LOVES playing with other dogs!

3. Fitness: Go to pilates and yoga classes. The reason I am choosing these classes to go to is because I have had some problems with my right shoulder, as well as my back and neck recently. My physiotherapist has recommended pilates and yoga as part of my rehab. I have also enjoyed going to bodyArt class, which is combination of yoga and pilates. In the future I would like to be going to 3 classes per week.

4. Blog and website: I am running into some technical difficulties but am working on getting them resolved. Once resolved, I will begin building the new website.  his is the reason that my other blog has now turned into this blog. I am working on creating a new website at the site, which is taking some time to do. Therefore, this location will be my personal blog and where you will have the amazing opportunity to read all about my musings!

5. Coursework: get started. I should be starting my courses…unfortunately I am starting a bit late because I forgot to finish my registration.


My wonderful husband in Scotland at Christmas.

One thought on “My Sabbatical: Week 3

  1. You were right Shanti, I got about 6 or 7 blogposts in a row and I discovered I had read them all but this one…Keep up the good work!


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