Exciting?! Events

This week, I have gone back to work, vacation is over! I feel both sad and happy about this development in my life. My husband, Niall, has been working at the school for the last month and I will be joining him. I will be a substitute teacher for the high school Physical Education teacher who will be away for 4 months. I will be teaching Grade 9 and 10 Physical Education. I am excited to be back in school to continue teaching and developing classes and new ideas for students. I am also a little bit sad to be back to work because I had just started to settle into my stay-at-home life, which I really enjoyed.

Our new little puppy, Hamish, arrived last Saturday. He is a tiny, 8 week old French bulldog. We had decided to get a puppy last year and we had been looking forward to it ever since. We have had an amazing time getting to know little Hamish in the past week. He is very friendly and playful and easy going. He loves to chew on everything, as many puppies do. He is also a lot of work because he is not trained at all and he pees and poos everywhere. There was a lot of cleaning up to do in the first week with Hamish.


Since I had to go back to work full time, we had to find a place for him to go during the day because he can only be alone for about 2 hours at a time. We found a good doggie daycare/bootcamp where Hamish will go during the week so he will not be alone in his crate and where he will get some housetraining. He will come home on the weekends where we will get to enjoy him. It was a hard decision to send Hamish away during the week because we do miss him a lot. I was surprised at how attached I became to him in the first week we had him. But we also realize that this is the best option for right now for him. Then we will be able to enjoy him even more in the future because he will be happier and better trained.

I have spent some time (as I always do) reflecting on both of these changes. Going back to work has come at a time where I feel I was just settling in to Budapest, our apartment, and my life at home. I was starting to feel very comfortable being at home and being able to work at my own pace and on my own schedule. Having a taste of that time at home has given me a positive view of it. I look forward to the time in the future when I will hopefully spend more time at home.

Going back to work is somewhat of a relief also. I feel less guilty about life because I am earning an income again. I felt a little bit bad being at home and not doing anything “productive”. I felt that what I was doing was productive but I had to continually justify it to myself in my own mind. I felt that I should be earning an income but I did not really want to have to go outside of the house and do that. I am grateful for this opportunity to work in a position that I am experienced in and therefore fairly easy for me.

The puppy is amazing. I have become one of those people who loves my dog! I grew up in a family where pets and animals had a purpose. They weren’t around for our enjoyment but rather for a reason so I was surprised to find that little Hamish grew on to me quite quickly. I became attached to him (despite having to clean up his pee and poo constantly)! As a child, my brothers and sisters and I had a dog but he was rarely allowed in the house and he spent his time outside. He was a big, energetic dog and we couldn’t really get him to behave very well so we weren’t able to do much with him. We loved him and played with him a lot but there was not the same kind of attachment that I already have with Hamish.

There continues to be exciting changes in our lives. I always look forward to the adventures that are ahead. Who knows what could come up?


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