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2014 started off with a party in Scotland. My holidays were spent in both Canada and Scotland. In Canada I got to meet my new niece, Lilia, for the first time and in Scotland I was able to experience a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s.



Not long after returning to Shanghai from our holidays, we travelled again. This time we went to London for a job fair. Niall secured a position at a school in Budapest, Hungary where we would continue our amazing international adventure.



At the end of March, we travelled again. (I am not sure how we had time to work with all of our travels!) This time we went to Canada to work on wedding preparations as well as looking for property to buy. We also went to the city hall to do the paperwork for our marriage.



In April, I completed the two Masters courses that I was working on since January. They were challenging courses to do and it was a very busy time with all the other things we had going on, but I was glad to have the opportunity.


After doing extensive searching, we finally found property to buy in Hamilton, Ontario. It is a small condo in the downtown. We will continue to live overseas and rent it.



June was a big month as we left Shanghai for the last time. We may be back someday but we were excited to be moving on to a new adventure.

We also travelled to the Jacaranda School for Orphans in Malawi, Africa. This trip was an incredible experience with both our students from Shanghai and students from Malawi.


On July 25, 2014 we had our wedding ceremony. It was the most beautiful day ever!


After an amazing honeymoon in Jamaica and going to a dear friend’s wedding, we picked up our stuff and moved to Budapest.


We settled in and got a puppy. Hamish is a challenging and rewarding addition to our family.


IMG_4770 IMG_4958
October brought me a job at the school for a short time as well as a visit from a good friend.


IMG_5263  Jumping Group

In our life in Budapest, we have made wonderful new friends and caught up with old friends.




December brought the end of my job for now. We also had an amazing trip to the top of a mountain in France and a great Christmas and New Year’s holiday in Scotland.

2014 was a momentous year. It was huge, gigantic, massive! I am still not sure how I managed to survive. Luckily, most, if not all, the things that were going on were positive and happy. But even though events are positive and happy, the journey to get to them can be challenging and stressful. 2014 was not easy but it was amazing. I am so glad for the incredible opportunities that I have. I am grateful and thankful and in awe as I look back.

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