The Hard Parts

Travelling around the world is amazing. I am so glad that I have this life and I would not change it. But there are the hard parts as well.

1. It has taken Niall and I about 3 months to figure out how to do banking in Hungary. We received our bank account within the first few weeks in Budapest. In order to get our account we had to sit in the bank for about two hours doing paperwork and waiting for the processing. We have since gone back to the bank three or four times because we cannot either access our account or we move the money to the wrong place. When we do online banking we have to enter a new access code every 10 seconds. We are still not quite sure what we are paying for service fees because we get some amount of transactions free and then after that we pay. Who knows?

2. Making phone calls in a new country always gets me. Hungary has been especially difficult because when you call certain numbers you need to dial a +36 in front of the number. Other numbers you have to dial a 1 and other numbers it is 06, or something like that. I thought I had it figured out when I learned about the +36 but apparently that was not true. There have been times when I try to make a phone call and it just won’t go through no matter what I try to put in front of the phone number. So then I try to look it up online and it is just as confusing trying to understand it. Eventually I just give up!

3. Asking for help is hard. I do not like to ask other people for help. But living overseas in a country where I do not speak the language, I have to ask for help. I have to ask for help to make a phone call or to go to the bank or to find a place to get my hair done. I try to look at it from my own perspective. What if someone was asking me for help? I love to help other people. I feel useful and productive when I help others. So hopefully when I ask for help, those people I am asking like to help too.

Jumping Group

4. We have met some amazing people in Budapest and (hopefully) made some lifelong friends. But at first, I find making friends is hard. I question: “Do they want to hang out with me? Do I want to hang with them? Do I feel connected? Am I doing the right things to show I want to be friends? What are they doing to show they want to be friends? Am I reading the relationship right? Are they just being nice? Am I just being nice?” When I first moved overseas, I assumed that I would be able to make new friends that were similar to my “old” friends. My old friends are my best friends who I have known for years. These are the friends who I can see once or twice a year and it feels like we have never been apart. These are the friends that I know and who know me. I soon realized that I wasn’t going to make friends like that again, especially overseas. My “old” friendships are very deep. My new friendships were going to be new for awhile before they could be that deep, if ever. I has to stop striving for the “old” friendships and instead just make new friends, without expectations and assumptions.

Those are the hard parts and there will always be hard parts. There may be more but I can’t think of any. Maybe that’s because this is an amazing life, wherever you are!

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