October 23 in Budapest

My goal will be to share present and past travel experiences throughout my international teaching experience. I would like to give insight and information into the places I have lived and travelled for the people close to me and to anyone else who would like to know.

I will start with the place I am current living, Budapest. The past week was a holiday in Budapest. October 23 is the day that Hungarians celebrate the 1956 revolution against Soviet occupation. Here is an article that explains a bit more about the meaning of the day: Hungary’s October 23. 

Budapest is an incredible city. We have been living here for almost three months now but it already feels like home. It is easy to become familiar with the city and moving around it. Transportation is simple by either car or public transportation such as trams, buses, and metro. The beautiful buildings and amazing character of the city is easy to fall in love with.

In my experience, the Hungarian people are good group of people. I would not like to suggest that they are very friendly or outgoing but I believe they have good hearts. In my experience in not speaking Hungarian, most of the time when I start speaking English in public places, Hungarians will apologize for their “lack” of English, despite it being quite good. I can never understand why they would apologize when I should be sorry for being the person who only speaks one language in their country! Another way that I have seen the “heart” of the Hungarians is with our puppy, Hamish. He is an adorable puppy and wherever we go in Budapest, people will stop to pet him and gush over him. Hungarians are the not most unfriendly people but when they see Hamish they completely change into big softies.

Budapest is a city of festivals. Since we have arrived here, we have gone to at several festivals, including a music Festival, aBeer Festival, a Wine Festival, and a Palinka and Sausage Festival. We have not had much chance to see many of the sites in Budapest because we are often going to these events that are only here for a short time. Many of the festivals come back year after year. (Palinka is the Hungarian alcohol. I do not know a lot about it but I know it comes in different flavours, such as cherry among others, and that I have not heard of one person who likes it that is not Hungarian, and that it burns!)

There will be much more on Budapest and Hungary in the future! Here is a picture of Hamish to show why he is so popular!


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