The Beginning of the Travel Bug

I started travelling in university. In my first year, I signed up for mission trips to Montreal and New Orleans. In my second and third year, I did not get to travel as much so I was trying to find a way that I could. I went with my dad on two humanitarian trips to Sierra Leone, West Africa, where I helped to teach teachers about teaching literacy, after I finished my undergrad and also after one year of teacher’s college. Finally I finished being educated and was ready to educating the young people of the world! But I found out that if I wanted to work in an international school, I needed two years of experience so I managed to find a job at home. It was my dream job teaching Physical and Health Education in high school but I couldn’t let go of the dream to travel. After working there for a year and a half, I was full on exploring overseas options. I found a job being advertised in Kuwait. I then contacted some friends I had who were living there and they mentioned a job that was at their school. So I applied and got the job and was heading overseas. The full impact of that decision did not sink in until my plane landed in the Kuwait airport and I walked out of security into the “gauntlet”. The gauntlet was a long path in the airport lined with people waiting for arriving passengers. The thing about it was that most of the people waiting were men and it was a somewhat unnerving walk through the airport. Luckily I only had to walk a short distance before I found the people who were there to pick me up.

I did not know what I really had done. I left behind friends and family who loved me and cared about me and who fully supported my decision and desire to travel. I have not realized the extent of their support and love until now. I am away most of the time and then I drop in at home occasionally and they always make room for in their lives again. It doesn’t seem fair to them but they accept it and still care about me.

My first couple of years overseas were fun and challenging. I loved the freedom to travel. I went to various countries in the Middle East, including Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Oman, and Egypt. I also travelled to China, South Korea, and France. It was amazing that I got to see and do so much! It was also challenging in that I did not feel that my friends and family at home truly did understand my life and experiences. But I think that was my own perspective and I did not understand the extent of the love and support that I was given. I also think it is difficult for people who live in one country to understand the move to another part of the world and all that goes with that. So for that reason, I would like to share those experiences here. If my friends and family do get to the read this, then I hope to provide some background of this life that I may not have expressed otherwise.

Check out the blog I had when I went to Kuwait here: It was a fun and exciting time there. The blog continues into my first year in Shanghai. After two years in Kuwait, I felt that I was ready to return home to Canada for one year. After one year, I felt that I was ready to return to teaching overseas! So I went to a job fair (which is a whole experience on its own) and found a job in Shanghai, China. Off I went to China, again probably not fully understanding what I was doing. I will share more about these places and the process of getting the jobs in future posts. There is so much to share.

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